Business email hosting

We've ranked the top email services - know the pros and cons before you buy

Our top picks

G Suite

from Google

Easy to setup. powerful ecosystem

Rackspace Email Hosting

from Rackspace

Basic email service at a low price

Zoho Mail

from Zoho

Basic offering, outdated web client

What is business email hosting?

Business email hosting allows you to have an email address at a custom domain like This gives your organization a professional look and unifies your members on one service.

Key aspects to consider

Web apps and native apps

To view your emails, you can either use a desktop or mobile app ( like Apple's Mail app) or you can use a web app with a web browser (ie Gmail using Chrome). Not all web clients are built the same so be sure to investigate.

Email storage location

Most services are cloud based, meaning your emails are stored on a server alongside other customers. For most users, this isn't an an issue. However, if you need additional security and privacy or are subject to regulation (such as HIPAA), be sure to check if the provider offers on premise or managed hosting.

Spam protection

Spam is a serious concern. All services provide some form of protection, though some are more effective than others.

Email migration

Moving your emails over can be a pain. Some services offer an import functions. Others will even assist you with the process.

Customer service

We rank services on how fast they helped us solve a standard range of issues.

Attachment storage

If you want to send over a powerpoint or a PDF, you'll need to attach the file. We review how different services handle attachment storage, including file size limits and cloud storage integration.

Your business type

Different businesses have different needs. Small businesses need a cost-effective solution that's fast to setup. Enterprise needs a reliable solution that is customizable. We break down which solution is right for which type of business.

Ease of setup

Setting up business email used to be a serious challenge. We evaluate ease of setup from a layman's perspective.